Grant Paquin

Owner / Stylist
I opened Cut-Splice because I needed to change my trajectory on how I approached hair. With years of working at large salons, being asked to push clients thru quickly, and acting more like a salesman than a stylist, I knew I needed a change. Inspired and determined, I opened Cut-Splice and focused on what I love to do; the art of hair.

Owning and managing the shops presents a new set of challenges, but nothing is better than when I get behind the chair and get to do what I love. I have a close relationship with my staff and have brought them on knowing that they share the love of hair as much as I do. I’m proud to offer them an environment to achieve their best work while giving them an honest employment opportunity that they can really be a part of.


Beth Semon

Stylist - Charlestown
Starting at a young age I always knew I had a passion for hair. I would beg my mom to let me pull her hair through a frosting cap. I spent my high school years cutting and coloring my friends hair, and it wasn’t until I had ruined the bathroom in my college dorm with hair color that I decided that I needed to follow my passion.

Now, almost 10 years, later I couldn’t picture myself doing anything but hair, or work anywhere but Cut-Splice. I love instantly being able to make a client feel beautiful. I’m constantly inspired to push myself to refine my technique and grow as a stylist.