Glazes & Toners

A glaze involves a semi- or demi- permanent color. This can enhance, enrich, change, match, tone down, or intensify natural or color treated hair. A glaze also helps to seal and smooth the the cuticle down after a lightening service is done, and creates more shine in the hair. This can also be refered to as a "toner", which generally means that there will be a shifting in tone in your color. For example: if your color feels too warm, you can use a toner to make it cooler and vise versa. These can bring down the color to be a few shades darker, or just shift the tone or hue of your color. Glazes/Toners are great to refresh a balayage in between appts, restore some shine and life to highlights, or add back richness to your natural or color treated hair. 

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