Foils, Highlights, and Lowlights. What's the difference?


Foiling is a precise color technique that creates a more dimensional look with your natural or color treated hair. It is done by sectioning the hair and using a special comb to isolate certain strands of the hair to be colored or lightened, and placed right at the root being isolated in a foil. Foiling can be done on all types of hair. It can create a lighter look known as "highlights" or a darker look with "lowlights".  


The more popular form of foiling is "highlights". Highlights give you an overall brighter look. Lightener or color can be used to lighten your hair, depending on your hair and the look you want to achieve. 


"Lowlights" are used to add more darkness into the hair. Generally, lowlights are 2-3 levels darker than your base color. Lowlights can also be done with highlights together to give more dimension. 

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